Freeze Dried Guffaws

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Enter the entertaining world of Freeze Dried Guffaws – where the classic Snickers experience gets a makeover, creating a laughter-filled sensation in every crunchy bite. Peanuts are the star performers of this flavor sensation. Freeze-dried to perfection, these peanuts bring the perfect crunch to the show, creating laughter echoes that resonate through your snacking experience. Caramel is no longer an ordinary gooey treat; it's the melt-in-you-mouth maestro orchestrating sweet laughs that dance around your taste buds like an out-of-control giggle. Chocolate wraps it all in a light layer of sweetness making it the comedic genius that ties the whole act together and delivers the punch line to every laughter-packed bite. Together they create a crunchy dynamic that's more entertaining than a stand-up routine full of laughs. Freeze dried guffaws aren't just a snack; they're a treat that with have you belly laughing with delight with every munch. Try the crunch-tastic treat that turns snacking into a sidesplitting comedy sensation that will always bring a smile to your face.


Created in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Sarver Sweets & Eats    

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