| Carsen Smithwick

Black History Month Maker Monday Recap

As we continue our Black History Month Maker Monday spotlights, I wanted to take a moment to recap the Black makers we have already met including Fruition Organics, Cartoonman, Ellemnop.art, Gabby Fru Fru, and Savitr Fragrances.

Chentrell of Fruition Organics was my first ever Maker Monday, whose focus was to find a delicious snack to help others consume more nutrients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chentrell noticed that while all the snacks and processed foods were being wiped out, the produce section stayed full. She decided to make a goal of opening an organic beverage company that she eventually launched in 2022. Chentrell is a huge advocate for helping people improve their overall quality of life in an effort to prevent and reduce chronic diseases and illnesses. Being healthy can also be delicious which is proven with Fruition Organics premium quality organic drinks.



Keith Douglas, most notably known as “Cartoonman,” is most known for his caricatures. Cartoonman grew up in New Orleans where he got his start as an artist creating Zulu coconuts for a Zulu King, and professionally learned to create art at Xavier. Keith states that “all life’s an art lesson for me,” while living in New Orleans surrounded by parades, musicians, and New Orleans style architecture that he was able to draw.  After moving to Baton Rouge, he was eventually coined Cartoonman because of his caricature portfolio of over 300,000 people! As an actual jack of all trades, Keith has contributed to art exhibits, created shirts for businesses such as Booze Burdz, drawn people for televisions, and is currently working on his own book where he plays with editorials about the political climate.



Elle Mouton ½ of the dynamic duo that is Ellemnop.art, working alongside Keidrick “Sensei'' Alford. Elle is a self-taught artist, learning through trial and error, tutorials, and “happy accidents,” as Bob Ross would say. She specializes in digital art that embodies feelings of freedom and fortitude. Not only is she a creator, but she is also an exhibition curator, creating showcases for her art gallery Ellemnop.art.



Gabby FruFru is so passionate about what she does and staying true to her individualism. Gabby lets her personality shine through her work and business name, with her inspiration coming from connecting to her inner child and creating designs that are bright, colorful, and beautiful. In the interview, Gabby expressed that everyone deserves to have their own time to breathe by enjoying life outside of work. She also expressed that she wants everyone to know their individualism is your greatest, most powerful gift. Everyone should wallow in their individualism, utilize it, and celebrate it. 



During the Covid pandemic, Jeremy Pike, founder of Savitr Fragrances, searched for a hobby during this time of dread and uncertainty. Creating candles came to mind as he was searching for a way to bring light and joy into the lives around him. Through trial and error, Jeremy taught himself how to make candles, and, drawing inspiration from Sun Gods and Goddesses, named his business Savitr Fragrances. Jeremy’s main goal with his products is to help you feel like a king or queen, and mimic the effect of drawing inspiration from the sun each time you light his candles. His inspiration source of Sun Gods and Goddesses is just another layer in helping you feel like royalty when indulging in his fragrances.



Continue to help us celebrate our Local Pop Up Black makers this month (and year round)! Keep an eye out next Monday for our next spotlight. It's someone who's been active with Local Pop Up for a while, and will start selling her products in store at Local Supply soon! 

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