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Meet Daisie Maze

Julia Graf started Daisie Maze back in 2020 when the job she was working closed due to Covid shutdowns. For her, Daisie Maze was a way to stay occupied during such an unknown time, and allowed her to explore new ideas. Julia landed on the name "Daisie Maze" after trying out a few different options that included words like "sewing" or "handbags," but decided on a light, feminine name that didn't limit her options in the future if she changed what she wanted to create. Julia finds it cute when people at markets call her Daisie or ask if that's her name.

Growing up, it seemed like everyone in Julia's family sewed. Her mother would make Easter dresses for her and her sisters, made every curtain in their house, and hemmed everyone's dresses. Growing up with so much creativity around her, Julia always found herself wanting to create things with the sewing machine she already had available. Julia never had to take sewing lessons because her mom was able to teach her the basics, and was able to teach herself the rest through trial and error. Julia will also spend her free time watching tutorials to learn new techniques, finding new ways of looking at problems along the way. She loves seeing a new pattern she just learned come together because it almost feels like magic.


Julia started her sewing journey by making clothes for herself and would love to start doing that again. She would also love to create other larger projects, like mini backpacks that people have requested her to make. Unfortunately, Daisie Maze is only her part time job, so finding time to make everything she wants to has been her biggest hold back. Julia's main job is working at the Woman's Hospital creating unique gifts and outfits for newborns. In her free time, she spends her time with her girlfriend, Krista, building puzzles and Lego sets. They love hosting game nights and dinner parties with their friends. Julia and her girlfriend have also been trying to train their cats, Bean and Judy, to follow a few commands, but they are only interested in the treats.

Since starting Daisie Maze, Julia fell in love with weekend markets and sharing her creations. She loves feeling connected to the Local Pop-Up community and loves meeting people along the way. You can find Julia at most Local Pop-Up markets, including upcoming September and October markets, and White Light Night!

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