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Meet Keith Cartoonman Douglas

Keith “Cartoonman” Douglas grew up in New Orleans where he started producing his work as a kid. He went from making Zulu coconuts for a Zulu King to producing t-shirts for a summer camp. Keith graduated from Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education. Keith contributes a lot of his art knowledge to professors he had at Xavier, teaching what he learned at schools and in private lessons in New Orleans.

Keith then moved to Baton Rouge 24 years ago, teaching art education in East Baton Rouge Schools, including Central High School and McKinley High School. He also teaches art classes at Louisiana State University. For over 30 years, Keith has been sharing his knowledge with students in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. LSU is where “Cartoonman” was coined. He states that a girl saw him walking the halls at LSU, and called him Cartoonman. The name stuck, as he is known as a prolific caricaturist who has drawn over 300,000 people.

Growing up in New Orleans provided Keith enough subject matter to practice and learn. He states that “all life’s an art lesson for me,” as he was able to draw typical New Orleans scenes like parades, musicians, New Orleans style architecture, and more. Keith has recently expanded his talents within the past 10 years to create “Dollinz,” a line of dolls and soft sculptures that he works on with his wife, Terri.

Keith is a creative who simply enjoys creating. As a jack of all trades, he has contributed to and been in numerous art exhibits, such as the Elizabethan Art Gallery and Kelwood Gallery in Baton Rouge, Artisan Gallery, Gallery Rinard in New Orleans, and Behold Gallery in Mississippi. He has also created shirts for many people and businesses, such as Barfly, Jimi da Crow, Booze Burdz, and more. He lastly has drawn for television for people such as New Orleans weatherman Hap Glaudi, and New Orleans weatherman Bob Breck. Keith has also worked on books, and is currently working on one of his own. With his book, Keith is playing with editorials about the political climate, branding his own political views as “RASCAL,” standing for Raw And Satirical Cartoonist At Large. 

You can find Keith Cartoonman Douglas setup at some Local Pop-Up Markets. He made an appearance at both the July & August markets, providing free caricatures and selling merch that he has designed himself. You can also find Keith’s work on his website, Instagram, or Facebook.

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