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Local Goes Global - Rosie's Europe Adventure!

Local Supply mascot & Louisiana-native Rosie the pink spoonbill (created by local maker Lauren Leonard) went on an exciting adventure last month to Europe! 

It was a long way to fly from Louisiana so Rosie started off her Europe trip at the Sky Garden in London to stretch her wings with a bite to eat and a birds-eye-view of London. 

Rosie Spoonbill in Sky Garden London

From there she spotted her next stop - the London Eye of course! She rested at the base of the Eye and listened to the chimes from Big Ben in the distance. (Did you know? Big Ben is actually a nickname for the bell inside of the tower, which is named the Elizabeth Tower.)

Rosie Spoonbill with London Eye and Big Ben in distance

Rosie started to feel a little homesick for her swamplands and took to the overcast London skies to search out a taste of Louisiana. She spotted a little marshy pond and swooped down into the tall grass on the bank. Rosie looked up to see a statue of Queen Victoria and behind the queen was Kensington Palace, which was home to Princess Diana!

Rosie Spoonbill in front of Kensington Palace and Queen Victoria statue

Happy to have found a taste of two homes - Princess Diana's and her own, Rosie took to the sky with a new sense of adventure. After some time flying & admiring the countryside, she found herself at the summit of another city. She was at Montmartre in Paris!

Rosie Spoonbill on Montmartre in front of Paris skyline

She knew right away she had to visit the Musée de l'Orangerie and see Monet's mesmerizing Water Lilies paintings. She made her way through the panoramic painted waterscapes and admired Monet for seeing her home in the same way Rosie did - beautiful and full of life.

Rosie Spoonbill with Monet Water Lilies Painting

Feeling valued, Rosie next flew to one of the 37 bridges stretching over the Seine river. She decided she should leave a piece of herself here to remember the power that artists & makers have across the globe, and how far local love can bring you.

Rosie Spoonbill Local Supply Sticker on bridge over Seine River, Paris

Rosie thought to herself, "What's a trip to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower?" and wistfully took to the sunset-stained sky with the lighted structure as her destination. She joined the other visitors from across the globe on the green lawn at the base and ended her Europe trip with an evening at the Eiffel Tower before the long flight home.

Rosie Spoonbill Local Supply sticker in front of Eiffel Tower in evening

Rosie & Local Supply team member (and travel partner), Jolie, are happily back in Baton Rouge now:

Jolie with Rosie at Local Supply

Thank you for following along for our adventure! - Rosie & Jolie

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