| Carsen Smithwick

Maker Monday: Meet Laced with Sunshine

This week’s Maker Monday is dedicated to Lacey of Laced with Sunshine. Many of you guys are familiar with Lacey from the Local Pop Up Markets that take place on the last Saturday of the month at Electric Depot. She always has the cutest floral, seasonal, or LSU earrings at her tent. She also participated in the first Local Pop Up Earth Day mini market this past April, and consigns within Local Supply.  

Lacey originally started selling crafts in 2011 from paintings, vinyl crafting, and now to laser cut jewelry. She has always loved crafting since really young, so her business came to fruition organically. After she purchased a laser three years ago, her craft started evolving. She would make cute earrings for herself to wear to work to surprise her students, which led to family, friends, and co-workers asking her to make them some. After she saw the joy she brought to people with her whimsical earrings, she moved to sharing her craft with the public.

Lacey gets inspiration for her earrings from many different places. The most common place her designs come from “the idea of infusing happiness and joy into [her] life.” She also draws a lot of inspiration from the ‘60s and ‘70s because she has always felt a connection to the aesthetics of that time period. Many of you have probably noticed that some of her designs are LSU and Baton Rouge related, and that’s because she is a former Tiger herself. She gets a ton of joy from making an accessory that is perfect for gamedays. Overall, she loves designing something that will bring someone joy. “The name Laced with Sunshine comes from the idea of adding a little sunshine to everything,” so that is her mindset when designing her earrings.

When Lacey isn’t at markets or making earrings, she is a STEM teacher who teaches Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade in Baton Rouge. She also loves to travel, and holds a special place for mountains in her heart. Her favorite part about starting Laced with Sunshine is being able to be a part “of the Maker community and interacting with other members of the Baton Rouge and surrounding area community.” Overall, the Local Pop Up community makes her feel welcomed, and loves how they all support each other in their craft.

You can typically catch Lacey at the Local Pop Up Markets, or follow her on her Instagram to keep tabs of other markets she is attending! 

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