| Carsen Smithwick

Maker Monday: Meet Parish Pets

We hope you guys have marked your calendars for our pet adoption event with Companion Animal Alliance that we are hosting with Parish Pets! In case you haven’t heard, there will be an adoption event at Electric Depot on June 23rd from 2-6PM. Since CAA is overflowing with animals, they will bring ready-to-adopt dogs  that are in much need of a happy home. Since May 1st, they have taken in 400+ animals, so if you have ever considered adopting or fostering a dog, this is the perfect opportunity! Alongside the adoption event will be a pet-friendly Local Pop-Up mini-market with makers who will be selling pet and pet inspired products, such as Parish Pets, PMG Paints, Sonder South, and AProctor Ceramics. Wicks & Paws will also be in attendance. Adopt, don’t shop and join us at our first Fri-Yay adoption event on June 23, right outside our Local Supply doors!

To give a little backstory on Parish Pets, the brand is owned by Nikki Kipps who handmakes pet collars and leashes, and sells other animal treats and toys that are made locally. A member of Local Pop-Up and a consigner within Local Supply, Nikki has been a long time friend of ours! She started Parish Pets while on medical leave from her previous job as a Surgical First assistant for an orthopedic surgeon. During this leave, she taught herself how to sew in order to occupy her time. Her cocker spaniel, Toby, inspired her to start making dog collars. From there, Parish Pets was born. 

Nikki tends to get design inspiration from things that are native to Louisiana, like snoballs and crawfish, the seasons, and things that she thinks would be fun on pets! She has collars and leashes to match every season possible, from Easter, summer time at the beach, and Christmas. She also has cute designs like dinosaurs, plants, stars, and different variations of the state of Louisiana. Outside of her business, Nikki loves traveling, going to concerts, and even helps with local animal shelters and rescues. Her love for helping shelters and rescues reflects in the efforts she made to help this adoption event become a reality. When the idea of a pet adoption even came up, the first person we reached out to was Nikki. She was eager to help from the beginning, and funneled communication between CAA and us. Because of her and contacts she had within CAA, this idea has become a reality.

Nikki loves being a small, local business owner and loves supporting other small businesses just as much. Like our motto goes, Support your Local Makers! You can also support your local shelter on June 23rd by helping dogs find their forever home.

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