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Meet Elle Mouton of Ellemnop.art

Business partners Elle Mouton and Keidrick “Sensei” Alford came together in 2019 and decided to fulfill one of Elle’s goals of opening an art gallery. The conversation grew naturally while discussing what it would take to open an art gallery, as they both had a proclivity for art. It also helped, Elle states, that they were a perfect fit for partners since they had the combination of left and right brain skill sets. As they were discussing specifics, Sensei discovered Elle’s WiFi was named Ellemnop, a derivative from the alphabet pronounced “L-M-N-O-P.” Sensei decided that was the perfect name for their art gallery, and Elle agreed. The .Art was added once the website was established, since they chose https://ellemnop.art as the web address.

Elle is a self-taught artist who has learned through tutorials, trial and error, and “happy accidents,” as Bob Ross would say. All of Elle’s work comes from her desire and determination to bring what she visualizes into reality. Her digital pieces don’t come easily, and Elle finds herself restarting several times until what she is working on is as similar as it can be to her conceptualization. Eventually, Elle would love to branch out from digital art and become a better painter. She would also love to create art at a larger scale, so she is challenging herself with her current project to make it triple the size of what she is used to. Her goal with this project is to showcase it next year as a solo art show.

Outside of the time she spends being a creator, agent, and curator for Ellemnop, Elle is also a system administrator for a supply chain company. When she has free time, she enjoys going on adventures and finding new inspirations for her art along the way. Elle also currently sells her own work at Local Supply, and you can find more of her work and other artists that they showcase on their website. Elle also takes commissions, which she said you can email her at elle@ellemnop.art to start that conversation.


"In addition being an artist, I am also an exhibition curator! Check out @ellemnop.art for more info on our current exhibition, Pantone Theory..." taken from Elle Mouton's Instagram

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