| Carsen Smithwick

Meet Gabby Fru Fru

Gabby Bynum, owner of Gabby Fru Fru, has been a part of the Local Supply/Local Pop Up family for a while now, and we have always been obsessed with her love for color, glitter, and all things fru fru. Gabby lets her personality shine through her work and business name, picking “Gabby Fru Fru” as a way to describe her personality and ideas that are always flowing in her mind.

As a creative person, Gabby is always having new interests that she spends time and money sorting through to find her favorite mediums to pursue. Initially, she started her business making hair clips and headbands. Now as she continues to finetune her favorite mediums, it has expanded to pom pom earrings and other fun accessories to help you connect to your inner child. She loves working with glitter and confetti and continues to love making hair accessories.

Ultimately, Gabby’s inspiration stems from connecting to your inner child by creating designs that are bright, colorful, and/or beautiful. Her inspiration is limitless, as she jokes she can even draw inspiration from a turnip. Pinterest is also a source of inspiration, since her feed is perfectly molded towards her interests. Outside of creating for Gabby Fru Fru, Gabby loves taking road trips and disappearing for the weekend. Everyone deserves to have their own time to breathe. Gabby expresses that she wants everyone to know their individualism is your greatest, most powerful gift. Wallow in your individualism, utilize it, and, in the end, celebrate it. Gabby continues to celebrate her individualism through Gabby Fru Fru.

Gabby will be hosting her first workshop at Local Supply on November 4th! From 6-8PM, participants will be able to make their own resin claw clip from the glitter bar that Gabby will provide. Gabby will then bring your creations home to cure the clips, and will be available for pickup at a later time. She will also give you a pre-made claw clip for you as a gift and to use as an example of how to put your claw clip together once you receive it back. If you’ve ever been interested in working with resin, or want to have a night out, sign up for this fun and interactive workshop on our website at localsupplybr.com!

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