| Carsen Smithwick

12 Days of Local Love Recap

The last 11 days, we have been taking the time to highlight amazing local businesses that we are lucky enough to carry in the store. Of course, we aren’t done yet, but we thought we’d give a little rundown of how fantastic our community is.

Kicking off 12 Days of Local Love, all Local Supply merch and apparel - the Local Looks Good on You Collection - was 20% off! The discount ran until Sunday, Dec 3, and sales directly supported the store and our team members! 

On the second day of Local Love, Cora B. Gallery discounted her celebrity prints 50%! As many of you may know, Cora was our first art installation on our gallery wall back in June 2022, and we have continued to keep Cora as a staple maker in the store. We have loved seeing her growth as a maker, business owner, and individual, and can’t wait to continue supporting her as an artist. From the very beginning, we have worked and collaborated with Cora to create a collection perfect for Local Supply that included many Louisiana icons (shout out to Queen Britney!). This deal is actually still going on, so click here, or head to the store tomorrow at 10AM to grab some last minute gifts for yourself or someone else.

On the third day of Local Love, Ellemnop.art (Elle Mouton) discounted her prints, stickers, and lapel pins 30% off! Did you know that Ellemnop.art hosts their own pop up markets at Mid City Beer Garden? We love seeing small businesses and local artists flourish, so it wasn’t a hard choice when Local Pop Up started sponsoring the markets. This deal is also still going on, so run to the store tomorrow, or hop online here to shop this deal. Show some local love to this wonderful and talented creative!

On the fourth day of Local Love, Savitr Fragrances gave 10% off all his items for the entirety of the 12 Days of Local Love! Like many during the Covid pandemic, Jeremy Pike searched for a hobby during this time of dread and uncertainty. Creating candles came to mind as he was searching for a way to bring light and joy into the lives around him. Through trial and error, Jeremy taught himself how to make candles, and, drawing inspiration from Sun Gods and Goddesses, named his business Savitr Fragrances. You can still shop Jeremy’s selection of luxury scents in the form of candles, room/linen sprays, and body creams until tomorrow at 11:59PM.

On the fifth day of Local Love, Plantérature gave 20% off their Pick Up Line books and plants all day. Melissa and Shawn each bring their passions to their community by making their healthy habits, like taking care of plants and picking up a book, easily accessible. Even though their discount is no longer applicable, their blind date books and healthy plants make easy grab-and-go gifts - especially since their books are already wrapped!

On the sixth day of Local Love, Grinning Jupiter Jammery gave 20% off her selection of jams and pickled veggies the whole day! Ashley got into canning fruit 20 years ago when her parents bought property in Ethel, Louisiana. Canning gave Ashley the opportunity to work for herself, and 20 years later, Ashley became a staple in the store and at Local Pop Up markets. Her products also make easy grab-and-go gifts because she already has 2-pack and 4-pack of jams wrapped up and ready to go in adorable packaging.

On the seventh day of Local Love, Daisie Maze discounted her products 15% off the whole day! From hand-sewn wallets, lanyards, coin purses, and more, Julia has no limits on what she can create. Growing  up with so much creativity around her, Julia always found herself wanting to create things with the sewing machine she already had available. She grew up watching her mother and learning the basics from her, and was able to take advantage of this skill when she lost her job during the Covid pandemic. With her wide selection of designs, it’s not hard to pick out a style that would best suit you or a loved one!

On the eighth day of Local Love, all The Luminary and Co. candles were 50% off that day! This New Orleans brand has been a staple inside Local Supply since we opened our doors, so it only made sense to pay homage to one of our favorite small businesses. 

On the ninth day of Local Love, Made to Paint had her selection of prints BOGO 20% off all day! As a long time friend and brand photographer to Local Supply and Local Pop Up, Ashtin’s love of people, painting, and the need of a coping mechanism drove her to start Made to Paint. Painting is what she’s made to do, and what she will probably do for the rest of her life. Ashtin also plays the role of brand photographer for both Local Supply and Local Pop Up, and we can’t begin to express our gratitude towards Ashtin!

On the tenth day of Local Love, Parish Pets gave 15% off all collars and leashes until the end of day 12. This deal is still going, so stock up on Nikki’s handmade pet accessories for your fur baby or someone else’s furry friend. Nikki loves being in this small business community as we all grow together and support each other! We knew we had to feature this other long time friend of ours during the 12 Days of Local Love.

On the eleventh day of Local Love, Press Relief offered a BOGO 20% on her products the whole day. Today only, you can shop Masy’s selection of block prints online at localsupplybr.com while her product and the discount lasts! Masy is a newer addition to consigning inside Local Supply and member of Local Pop Up, but we have loved her talent that’s been added to this community. This discount will last until 11:59PM tonight!

Tomorrow is the last day of 12 Days of Local Love, and we don’t want to spoil it ahead of time! Keep an eye out on our social media first thing tomorrow morning to see who our last feature is and the discount they are offering. Let’s just say she’ll bring a bit of Sunshine to  your day *wink*

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