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National Women's Small Business Month Highlight

It is officially National Women's Small Business Month 🫶
Women-owned businesses have grown from 400,000 in 1972 to over 13 million in 2023 (sba.gov)! This month, we celebrate those small businesses since it is no minor achievement.  🩷✨
Below we are highlighting women business owners within the Local Pop Up collective that you can also find in store. Support these women-owned small businesses not only during October, but every month 🌟
A huge thank you to Ashtin McNicoll for these awesome photos of our makers, who is also a woman business owner 📸 🎨
Lacey of Laced with Sunshine specializes in handmade jewelry and other accessories, from glass cups to propagation stations. Lacey's collection within Local Supply is curated towards LSU fans, so if you need a last minute set of earrings for the next game day, you know where to stop 🐯
Aubin of The Lost Luna is a newer addition to Local Supply. She ethically sources and thrifts her materials to create one-of-a-kind decorations and jewelry perfect for anyone's style. Aubin also hosts workshops at Local Supply, and she'll be hosting a Halloween workshop on October 14th. Participants will be able to create their own skull domes they will be able to bring home 💀
Jessica Barré's style stems from her Louisiana culture as she paints Louisiana sceneries and animals. She also paints roseate spoonbills, so we knew she'd be a perfect fit for Local Supply 💕
Elise of Geaux Clear is a regular at our markets and a wonderful selection of her bags can also be found inside Local Supply! Her clear handbags are approved for arena to stadium entry, so they are a must-have for handbag carrying concert goers & sports fans! 🏈👜
King Tremaine is a woman, family owned business ran by Toni. They create their candies from a family recipe that's been passed down for generations. After the pecan candy was shared with friends and family located both abroad and locally, Toni was inspired to make their gift giving tradition available to all of us. A portion of their proceeds go to programs that support the homeless and others in need 🫶
Kathryn's art is inspired by Louisiana and its beauty, creating pieces ranging from graduation caps to acrylic signage. Recently, she has been creating LSU pieces that are the perfect graduation, birthday, or Christmas gift to that LSU student or LSU fan in your life 🎓
Breanna Burd started A Stitching Witch in 2019. She started out hand-embroidering each of her pieces individually, but she has since has expanded her product base to all types of embroidered and sewn clothing and art pieces thanks to the significant growth of her business. Fun Fact: Breanna is also a talented cosplayer! Shop her cute embroidered bucket hats in store! 👾
Amanda is a young entrepreneur and maker who runs her own business, Clay Corner, at the age of only 14! She loves crafting and designing intricate handmade clay-based earrings and other accessories. She does community service in her free time and her kind nature always shines through. Come check out her cute handcrafted earrings in store today! 🌱
Roz LeCompte is a self-taught artist that creates intuitive abstract paintings. She also made her own stationary & calendar, and her art has been featured in British Vogue. 🎨
Shealynn August’s all-natural and organic journey started when her children were little, realizing that conventional medicine wasn’t healing her daughter’s rash. She began creating her own products that contain no preservatives, are non-toxic, and have no added fragrances that she found heals people better than conventional ways.. She says her experience has been a blast and “shops like Local Supply and markets like Local Pop Up have made a little dream grow bigger every year." 🫧
Amanda Proctor’s love for pottery stems from high school when she took her first ceramics class. From there, she continued on to college at the University of Georgia for a Fine Arts degree that focused in Ceramics & Pottery. In 2019, she moved to Louisiana and quickly inserted herself into the art market scene here. She says she loves participating in Louisiana markets and meeting locals and feels “like [she] was quickly welcomed into the makers community in Baton Rouge.” ☕️
Inspired by her love of art, animals, and Louisiana, Aline started Aline Prints and Design in 2018 to sell her art based on Louisiana themes. She works as a freelance illustrator and as an art director and designer for agencies. She has had the opportunity to work for national brands and local clients. ✨
Cora Barhorst is a portrait artist who specializes in custom child & celebrity portraits. When Local Supply first opened, Cora was our first art installation “Flourish.” Many of her original works were on display, and today you can find prints of her popular portraits. Cora’s main inspiration for painting is her love for history. Artists such as François Boucher, Mary Cassat, Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun, and Jean-Honoré Fragonard helped bring inspiration to her own work. 🩷
D’Sean Washington, along with some help from other members of her family, create luxury scented candles that are poured in decorative jars that are the perfect addition to any home decor. 🕯️
Bee Pure Apiary is located in Port Allen, Louisiana, and offers natural, local raw honey, beeswax food wraps, and natural skin care products that are free from harmful chemicals. Alison Landry harvests the honey and beeswax from her own hives. 🐝
Claudine Diamond is a self-taught artist whose goal is to produce art that reminds people to be mindful of their actions toward each other and our planet. 🌎
Brooke Huval has always loved nature and all of its beauty. Her passion is depicting animals, flowers, and all things flora and fauna. When she isn’t replicating Louisiana nature, she is creating fan art of a favorite whimsical series. 🦄
Julia Graf started Daisie Maze back in 2020. Julia started her sewing journey by making clothes for herself and would love to start doing that again. She would also love to create other larger projects, like mini backpacks that people have requested her to make. She currently specializes in handmade handbags, wallets, keychains, and more. 🧵
Ashley Mohr specializes in hand crafted bath & body products that are made with organic and locally sourced ingredients. It’s important to Ashley she sources her ingredients locally to help support the community, support other local businesses, and provide high quality products. 🧼
Emily Eskine specializes in creating contemporary bright art using acrylic paints. Her most popular art includes her beaded Mardi Gras dogs and smiley face balloon art. 🙂
Ann-Elise Mitcham specializes in all things cute for the babies in your life - human or pet! At the Local Pop Up Markets, she provides hand stitched bananas for your furry friends that depend on the season. 🐶
Good Granoly is a woman-owned, family-run business owned by Kelli Cole located in Shreveport, Louisiana. They strive to create the best granola and snacks using quality ingredients in their handcrafted recipes. They believe in high quality products, so their products come without preservatives and have quality ingredients. 🥣
Ashley Andermann started her love of canning when her parents bought a piece of property in Ethel, Louisiana 20 years ago. The property contained peach trees, wild blackberries, and two beautiful gardens, so Ashley and her mom decided to can the fruit. Years later, GrinningJupiter Jammery was a reality, as Ashley “preferred to work for [herself] and canning gave [her] the opportunity to do so.” 🥒
Sister duo Kari & Kristi Coleman create 100% soy candles that are perfect for any mood. They know that particular scents put you in certain moods, which is what they base their company around.
Jordan Hefler is a Baton Rouge-based photographer who brings her unique visual style to editorial and commercial shoots. She helps brands translate their identity through social media, content creation, and graphic design. 📸
Kay Nguyen is a mom of two who specializes in hand-crocheted amigurumi toys, forever florals, and more. You can find her at most Local Pop Up markets set up with an assortment of crochet animals and plants. 🪴
Louisiana Sunshine Soap Co is a family based soap-making company that specializes in handcrafted artisanal soaps with Southern & Louisiana themes. 🛁
Ashtin’s love of people, painting, and needing to find a way to cope with grief drove her to paint. Her business’s name, Made to Paint, felt right as it was born from her love of painting and a broken heart from the lost of her best friend. Ashtin states that painting is “what I am made to do now - and to some extent - for the rest of my life.” 👩‍🎨
Amanda’s motto is “teach, sell, inspire” because she aspires to always provide great products and resources for both new and longtime houseplant enthusiasts. 🌵
Kelly Jean fell in love with flower pressing in 2018 after taking a flower pressing class to create nursery art for her first child, Holland. She purchased her first press and brought it along on trips and hikes. After filling shoe boxes full of pressed botanicals, her husband suggested that she did something with them. From there, My Friend Kelly was born. She states that there "is no limit to the colors and texture found in nature," which constantly sparks her creativity. 🌸
Ellemnop.art is an art collective who hosts several local artists, including Elle Mouton. A co-founder of Ellemnop.art, Elle specializes in digital art that embodies feelings of freedom and fortitude. ☀️
Mother-and-daughter duo Marie and Rose bring their love of crochet to the Local Pop Up & Local Supply community with their hand-crocheted dolls, animals, insects, and more. 🐻
Nikki Kipps got her start making pet collars and leashes while on medical leave from her previous job as a Surgical First assistant for an orthopedic surgeon. During this leave, she taught herself how to sew in order to occupy her time. Her cocker spaniel, Toby, inspired her to start making dog collars. From there, Parish Pets was born. Nikki loves being a small, local business owner and loves supporting other small businesses just as much. 🐾
Posh Pop Gourmet Popcorn is a woman-owned business that prides themselves in being a boutique gourmet popcorn company. The company was founded by two sisters Bailey and Harper when they were 12 and 5. 🍿
Press Relief Prints is a one-woman printshop with designs all created by Masy that are created from a manual process called block printing. Each product is an original, inspired by Masy’s culture, her love for pattern making, as well as her continued thesis study of individual representation through collected materials. 🐊
Taylor Strong started Southern Sketch in 2022 after her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Once he was in remission, she had time and space to create, so she got back into sketching as a form of stress relief.
Kay’s products are all derived from plants, making them a natural, safe alternative to traditional cleaners. She created her plant-based home line to fund her Domestic Violence Foundation, The Risen Queen Foundation. As someone who is a survivor of domestic violence, it is her ultimate mission to restore abused mothers & children back to stability.
Co-owners and mother-daughter duo Vanessa & Britney dedicate their fragrances and candle names to their favorite vacations, their home state, and Vanessa’s membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Their candles are all hand-poured made out of soy wax.

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