Freeze Dried Wild Berry Rainbow Blast

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Prepare to embark on a flavorful adventure with Freeze-Dried Wild Berry Blasts, a delightful twist on the classic candy that transports your taste buds into the heart of a wild berry wonderland. These vibrant, freeze-dried Skittles come alive in a vivid spectrum of berry-inspired hues. Each piece glistens like a precious gem, promising a burst of natural fruitiness that captures the essence of a bountiful forest. The freeze-drying process infuses these candies with a unique texture. They boast a delightful crunch, offering a sensory journey that's distinct from their chewy counterparts. Each bite is a tantalizing experience, reminiscent of foraging for ripe berries in the wild. As you savor these Wild Berry Blasts, the flavors unfold on your palate with the luscious taste of blackberries, the sweet tang of raspberries, the deep richness of blueberries, and the exotic allure of strawberries coming together in a harmonious medley. It's as if you've stumbled upon a hidden grove, where wild berries grow in abundance. These Freeze-Dried Wild Berry Blasts are not just a candy; they're a journey through nature's bounty, a taste of the untamed wilderness. With each piece, you can experience the essence of wild berries in a convenient, bite-sized form. Get ready to lose yourself in the wild .Created in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Sarver Sweets & Eats    

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